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Refinish Your Bath Fixtures with Glaze Coating

Modernize your outdated bathroom without the expense, time, and mess of construction. When working with Porcelain Industries, your bathroom can be transformed into the perfect oasis within 24 hours. We offer refinishing, restoration, and even chip repairs on new items.

Bathroom Refinishing

To improve the look of your bathroom, we can refinish the bathtub, wall tiles, and sink. Refinishing can be completed on cast iron, steel, acrylic, and fiberglass surfaces. The process of tub and tile reglazing is approximately 80% less than replacing.

Changing the color of the fixtures in your bathroom to a neutral shade is a great way to update its look. We stock the manufacturer's glaze colors with the most popular color choices being white, almond, bone, and biscuit for tub and tile reglazing. Custom color blending is also an option for people trying to match the manufacturers discontinued colors.

Before and After Refinishing

The Refinishing Process of Tub and Tile Reglaizing

The first step is in the preparation of the room. We mask the room using paper and or plastic to protect the walls, floors, counters, etc.

We will than set up a high speed exhaust/ventilation system in the nearest window. This eliminates approx. 80% of the odor, of which the remainder will dissipate within just a few hours.

We will than chemically clean and acid etch the surface of the item being refinished. The acid etching prepares the surface for glaze adhesion. We will also remove any excess silicone or caulking between the tub and wall tiles.

The corrective work is than completed using fillers to repair any defects, chips, scratches, etc. in the surface.

We are than ready to proceed with the refinishing. A sprayed on setting solution/primer is applied. The glaze is chemically activated and air warmed using turbine equipment during the glazing application.

The result is a durable, high shine finish, with a new non-porous surface. You will think it is a new item.

Typically, the process is completed within 2-3 hours. After just 48 hours you are ready to resume use.

Wall Tile Refinishing

Wall tiles are treated as indicated above. However, after the wall tiles are chemically cleaned, the groutlines are than scored to remove any mold or mildue. The wall tiles are than regrouted throughout and refinished. You will never have to regrout or have to deal with mold and/or mildue developing in between the tiles. The wall tiles are virtually mainenance free.

Additional Points to mention:

If you have shower door tracks that you would like to remove, they should be removed prior to the refinishing. Or if you prefer we can remove them for you at an additional fee. After the track is removed, we will then fill the holes in the tile and repair any damage to tub ledge. If you have shower door unit and do not want it removed, we can simply mask the track. You do not have to remove the track to complete the refinishing of the tub.

Bathroom Tile Wall

Before and After Refinishing

Plumbing leaks from facuets, handles, and shower heads should be fixed prior to the refinishing.

Nonskid Applications
Falling in the tub can be extremely dangerous, especially for children or the elderly. We offer nonskid applications that can be applied to the bathtub to provide safety and slip-resistance. This material is applied prior to the refinishing so your tub will always be easy to clean compared to manufactured tubs with nonskid inlays. We reccommend not using suction cup bathmats.

Before and After Tub RefinishingBefore and After Shower